George Condo Interview: The Way I Think

George Condo was part of the 1980s wild art scene in New York. In this video, recorded in his New York-studio, the iconic artist shares his life-long love of drawing and thoughts on his artistic expression, which he describes as “artificial realism.”

Interview Ger Lataster

Ludo Diels interviewt kunstenaar Ger Lataster in zijn atelier n Amsterdam

Jason Lee: The American Photo Roadtrip – An ILFORD Inspires film

Our ILFORD Inspires ‘Legends of Skateboarding’ series concludes with Jason Lee’s ‘THE AMERICAN PHOTO ROADTRIP’.

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American Realist: An Evening with Painter Bo Bartlett

An American realist with a modernist vision, Bo Bartlett’s monumental paintings are created in the tradition of Thomas Eakins, Andrew Wyeth, and Norman Rockwell, with a compelling contemporary twist. Bartlett will offer insights into his work, which celebrates the underlying epic nature of the commonplace and the personal significance of the extraordinary.


DE AANSLAG 1994; Rob Scholte met Micky Hoogendijk

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11 Artists on Photography

“We are so oversaturated with images, so it’s about one question: Can I hold you – can I get you to look at an image for longer than a second?” Watch Catherine

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What makes photography art?

What makes photography art? | Flore Zoé | TEDxDenHelder

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